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Do you have a home maintenance problem requiring an urgent home fix? Are you encountering home repairs issues like clogged pipes, leaking roof, termites, electrical trips, waterlogged basements ? Tried to do it yourself ? DIY ? Most home fix issues require professional skills for a lasting solution. All homes eventually need home fixes. Even those homes built with new materials like vinyl siding and metal roofs will have to be maintained. This is because deterioration in a home can originate on the inside as well as on the outside. Check with us - we are a home fix services contractor reputed for quality work in home repairs and home improvements, including plumbing, electricals, flooring, roofing, gardening and more. We are the trusted service professionals who know how to fix, repair and maintain the problems home owners face. Most handymen do not have the experience or the tools to complete an extensive home renovation job. We are a licensed home contractor who can make a home fix plan for your home and undertake the renovation in stages. We have licensed staff do the work to protect your health, safety and welfare. Call us for an inspection appointment and a free quotation. You will soon have your home maintenance problems solved in double quick time. Trust us - we are the home fix and home maintenance contractors who can do interior and exterior home repairs in Singapore.

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If your home fixes are extensive, we will partner you for the duration of the project to exchange and discuss information easily. We make sure that every detail is written down including start date, inclusions, end date and clean up.

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"Your tools are an investment, and you need to protect them from damaging elements, especially moisture. Keep tools in your toolbox rust free by storing a few pieces of blackboard chalk in each compartment that contains metal tools or other hardware."

We will do an inspection first and identify the most important areas to fix first such as electricals and plumbing, and recommend the right materials for the job and to get an estimate of costs. Some home maintenance tasks are essential, particularly when it concerns that areas that we need to use everyday. Small lavatories might not be the initial candidate with your listing of household remodels. On the other hand it might be one among possibly one of the most important. Remodeling part of the bathroom is certainly a much less high priced project than a typical complete master bath redesign.

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It is so important to get a reliable home fix contractor in Singapore. Quality materials will ensure a quality finish. As an example, are you aware that there is a difference between cheap and expensive paint ? All paint has pigments, resins and solvents in it. With expensive paint, the pigments are smaller and purer. This gives the paint one of its main attributes: the ability to hide the surface on which it is applied. With cheap paint, the pigments are of lower quality and are larger. This means you need to give the wall two coats of paint instead of just one. Resins hold the pigments together and create a "film" of paint. High-quality paints use high-quality resins for a more durable, lasting finish. High-quality resins are found in more expensive paint. The solvent used in paint (water for latex paint) is just the carrier for the resins and pigments. Cheap paint has more solvents per gallon than does the more expensive paint. As the solvent evaporates, you are left with the resin and pigment that stays on the wall. So not only does cheap paint have poorer quality resins and pigments, per gallon it also has fewer of them.

For one-stop service from professionals for home fixes, call us today to schedule your free consultation.

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